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100 Day Loans Phone Number for Affiliates

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We recently received an email from 100 Day Loans saying that they have now started pay per call for their affiliates where each affiliate will get a unique phone number.

Now their top affiliates can run a pay per call program and earn cash. However details on the commission are still awaited.

We feel with the pay per call the already popular payday lending company 100 day loans will become even more popular.

They have an in-house call center that can handle these calls. A new phone number will be given to every affiliate and they can promote this number on their websites.

The offer is not open to all affiliates of the company. It’s only open to the top affiliates only who are performing very well for the company.

Pay per call affiliate program is not new in the affiliate industry. Even Commission Junction has a pay per call program.

Most websites with affiliate programs now do have pay per call opportunity. This helps the affiliates to market the products in an even better way. When the customer sees a phone number on the website, they get more faith in the company that’s being referred.

Our research shows that 40 out of 100 people do call the phone number mentioned in a website if they are serious about doing business. That’s a big number. This number may vary from industry to industry. However our survey is based on online payday loan industry only.

Coming to 100 day loans – their already popular affiliate program will get a shot in their arm. Their overall business will improve too. Pay per call will only add to their business. Now they will start getting even more customers. Our research also shows that those who are slightly skeptical about a company usually are the ones to call and decide if they want to do business.

People at 100 day loans know this and therefore have come up with this idea. If you visit their website you will see that they already have a number. But affiliates can directly put this phone number on their websites for the prospective loan seeker to call. They can even apply by phone.

This means people seeking payday loan from an affiliate site can actually apply for payday loan from 100DayLoans without actually visiting their website. Don’t you think this will increase their business? We definitely think so.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hope we helped you get a loan.
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