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All About 100 Day Loans

If you need a first/second payday loan please fill this online form. We will try to connect you with a lender instantly.

100 day loans is a payday loan company with a simple concept – they offer a payday loan with an option for paying back the loan after a few more days than a normal payday lender would allow.

Note: This extension may not be for 100 days as advertised, but you can get some extra time to payback your loan. However it also depends on the lender that is giving you a loan.

It is just a couple of years and this site has become very popular. Now there should be a reason as to why 100 day loans has become popular among payday loan consumers. We discuss a few things:

1.    It’s a highly secured site: Unlike many payday loan websites 100dayloans.com is a very secure site. It has a strict privacy policy. If there is something they want their visitors to know its there in their privacy policy. Visitors are also requested to read their privacy policy before applying for a loan. They don’t hide anything there.

Data transfer is also in a highly secured mode. Your data cannot be stolen when it’s traveling through wires.

2.    Low cost of loans: Every payday lender says they have the low payday loan rates but they don’t. However with 100 day loans thing are slightly different. The site is very popular and therefore they get a lot of applications everyday – much more than any average payday loan website gets. This is a huge benefit – since they get more customers they can take more risks and pass this on to their customers. Therefore their loan rate is slightly lower than what many lenders offer in America.

3.    Very good customer service: any profitable company can keep enough employees to take care of their clients. Same is the case with 100 day loans. They have a great customer service. If you have taken a loan or you want one – just register in the site and they will provide you with a customer care number that you can dial anytime you need advice or help. They will be ever ready to help.

Now some important points to note. Even though they are committed to give you a loan, not everyone gets approved for a loan. There is a reason for this. People who do not have good credit record may not be approved, as the lenders there have strict rules to offer a loan. Yes if you have an average credit they may offer you a loan, but if you have not paid back a payday loan anywhere else they may not be able to offer you a loan.

Still you should give it a try to see if you qualify for a payday loan with 100 day loans.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hope we helped you get a loan.
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