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Does 100 Day Loans Approve Loan For People With Bad Credit?

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Yes its true that 100 day loans does approve loans to people with bad credit (this is what they mention in their website), however it is also true that if you have a poor record with payday loan lenders, they may reject your loan application. In fact this rule applies to any payday lender in the US.

Actually times have changed and we are living in difficult times. It shows on every business including payday loans. 🙁

Before recession (prior to 2008) almost everyone got approved for a loan regardless of their credit or relationship with past lenders. In those times lenders were willing to take a risk. However post recession lenders have become very cautious as far as approving a loan is concerned.

Not a single lender wants to take a risk and approve a loan to people with very bad credit and/or people with a bad credit history with payday loans. Those times are gone when you would apply for a loan and you get approvals from 10+ lenders. In those times the choice was yours and you could actually negotiate the rates. Now consider yourself lucky if you even get approved by a single lender. Forget the rates, if you really need the loan you got to accept whatever rates they are throwing at you.

The reason to not approve loans to all and sundry is obvious; everyone wants to make sure they get their money back at the least. We must mention here that the bunch of lenders there at 100 day loans are slightly more willing to take risk and approve a payday loans. That makes a lot of difference. It means your chances of approval at 100 day is more.

We did a test through affiliate marketing and found that when everything else remains the same, from the same traffic source, and keywords we got more approvals per 100 visitors to the 100 day loan program. In fact 100 day loan lenders are 60% more likely to approve a loan than most other lenders in the US. (However our research was based on 100% PPC traffic from the search engines and as you know these are highly targeted traffic that converts well. But the same traffic DID NOT convert that well for other payday loan companies. Approval rate in 100 day loans for the same amount of traffic was 60% better.)

Therefore we may conclude that if you apply a payday loan with 100 day loans there are more chances of your application getting approved. If you have been rejected elsewhere we recommend that you try 100 day loans at least once.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hope we helped you get a loan.
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  • Robert

    Hi I’m currently unemployed but looking for work I’m getting a fortnightly pay of 440.00 from the government but I need a small loan to repair car so i can get a job I was wondering if you could help I have tried everywhere else but due to bad credit history I am rejected I’m only looking for around 500.00 loan.if u can help.

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