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Everything You Wanted to Know About Payday Loans

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Life isn’t easy always. We have health concerns, family issues, emotional tussles, and the ever-increasing stress at the workplace and trying to meet the expectations of everyone. But the top slot certainly goes to – financial troubles.

Sure enough, money isn’t everything. We agree. But then, having good money will make life that much easier. That’s one trouble scratched off from your list. Cash in hand or cash at bank gives us the confidence to take-on many other challenges. When you have the money you need, you know that you can pay the bills on time, buy medicines when you need to, go out for an occasional dinner or drink with friends, and do those necessary home or car repairs when needed.

But sadly, almost all of us face financial constraints from time to time. So life is never quite smooth as we like it to be. What we need in these times is quick relief – a loan that is issued quickly for the short-term to help us ride over these temporary financial constraints. But most conventional lenders including banks will take a long time to issue the money. There is also a lot of paperwork involved. Here is where we come in.

What Happens to Those with Poor Credit Record?

You will find it difficult to get a loan if you have poor credit record. No bank or lending agency will give you the money because of your poor credit record. Credit rating agencies are known to maintain records for up to 7 years. So if you had missed or delayed making payments before, then you can be sure that it’s gone into your credit history.

It’s ironical that those with the most need for money won’t get the loan they need. Their applications are just going to get rejected.

But there is hope yet. That is in the form of small dollar loans, which are also referred to as “payday loans”. As the name suggests, these are loans of small amounts to see you through till the next payday. It’s just perfect to solve temporary financial hardships.

Law makers in our country are actually divided on this issue. Some favor these loans as it helps the needy get the cash they need, while some think these loans come at a very high cost so it should be banned. A lot has been written on this. Some states in US have actually made payday loans illegal. Unfortunately there are many instances in these states where we have found that people borrow money from loan sharks. These people give loans at even higher rates than normal payday loans.

Clearly making payday loans illegal isn’t helping the cause – in fact aggravating the situation. (At least this is what we are learning from our own network of lenders all across the USA.)

Therefore payday loans are not that bad as people make them out to be. If done right, they can help many families solve small financial issues of their lives without bothering from where cash will come.

Here we highlight some unique features of our payday loans. Read to know how they can be of great help to you if you need cash urgently.

Unique Features of Our Payday Loans:

These are small amount cash advances made for the short-term. (Please do not take them for a long period. Usually we lend for 30 days or less – please return the money + fees on time to avoid paying a late fee. Our fees are much less compared to the current market prices and we are sure you will be able to afford our loan. If you find the terms of our loan not affordable please do not accept the terms – we will not offer you a loan in that case. There is no fee to be paid if you reject our offer. You are then free to try other loan programs.)

Typically the advance is made till the next pay day, and this is why they are referred to as payday loans.
There is no paperwork, and so the amount can be forwarded to you without any hassles. You may not even have to visit the lender’s office in some instances. You can apply for the loan from your home by filling out a short form or over the telephone. Yes, it is that easy.

NOTE: If you want to apply by phone – our call center number. It can be easily found in this website. Its a toll free number. We are not writing it here because it may change and we may not be able to figure all places in our site. So please call the number that you are seeing in our application page. But we highly recommend to try filing the application. Its fast and free and will not take more than 5 minutes to apply.
No credit check is carried out, which means that a lot of time can be saved in loan processing. Even those with a poor or average credit score can get the loan they want. In fact, you could apply for the loan today, and get it deposited directly to your bank account in 24 hours. That’s great news because in an emergency you need the cash quickly. We may use our internal processes to check your credit – however it has nothing to do with your credit record – its just our internal process to check your ability to payback the loan.

The lender will just charge you a fee and interest. The extra money you have to pay back is always minimal as the amount you borrow isn’t that much. Remember, these are small dollar loans, or advances up to a few hundred dollars. Usually, the loan amount is between $100 and $1,000.

You have to pay back the loan amount, interest and fees after the next pay day to the lender who paid you. Most of the time its done automatically. If it does not happen please do not send us any payments. Please call your lender immediately. He is the one you should be paying your loan back. We will refund any payments made to us. We act between you and the lender as a broker. We charge our lenders if a loan is approved. That’s it – there is no extra cost on you if you use our loan application. In some instances, you can ask for an extension of the term if you cannot repay on the decided time. Some lenders will even allow part repayment if you aren’t able to pay back the entire amount. Can anything be simpler or easier?

NOTE: If you have taken a loan from us you will get email and phone number of your lender. In case you cannot pay the loan back on time we request you to please contact your lender and tell them your situation. If you contact us the whole process could take a lot of time and you may have to pay a penalty. So please contact them as soon as possible if there is a delay in payment from your end.

Who Is Eligible For Our Payday Loans?

Here’s the best part – almost everybody qualifies for these loans. There are just some simple conditions:

You must be 18 years of age, and should have a valid checking account. And secondly, you should be able to show that you have a regular source of income. That is it.

There is really nothing to worry about in these loans, or about the lenders offering these cash advances. The finance industry regulates small dollar loan companies strictly. All of our valid payday loan direct lenders have a Consumer Credit License number or in other words a business license.

How to Get Your Payday Loan:

To get your payday loan please apply here. Its an online application. 100% secured and confidential.

As mentioned before, its a short form where you must provide some simple information that is required for loan processing and approval. You have to provide information like your name, contact number, address, employment, monthly income, and date of the next pay day. Of course, you must also include the amount you need to borrow. Don’t forget to furnish the details of your bank account. Some documents will be asked from you, which you must fax to the lender.

Please do not worry about your personal and financial details as we have a strict privacy policy. Now days laws are so strict that we can be out of business if we do not adhere to even a single law of privacy online. We love our business so we are very strict with the information you provide us. It will only be shared with lenders near your area so that they can decide whether they can offer you a loan or not. Without sharing this information with them its almost impossible to give you a loan. All lenders in our network follow strict laws of lending and they too keep your information confidential.

The processing begins almost as soon as you have filled out the form and faxed the documents. You can expect to hear back from your lender within minutes. You will get an email to the address you provided about the decision. The application is always approved online if you have provided all the required information.

But remember one thing – the amount you are asking for has a huge bearing on whether the application is approved or rejected. The lending agency will compare this with your monthly income and see whether you can repay back comfortably or not. Don’t ask for too much, as these are small dollar loans. Only borrow what’s needed – the minimum amount to see you through an emergency. This way, you will also end up paying less towards the interest.

In some cases our lenders will offer you a loan that is less than the amount you asked for. Please do not mail us to increase the amount. Its up to the lender to decide how much they can offer you as loan – because its our lenders who are taking a risk by lending you. We are not taking any risk. So the amount they can lend entirely depends on them.

Loan Agreement:

You will also receive the loan agreement where all the details will be clearly mentioned, like the repayment date, interest percentage, and of course the loan amount. It should also include conditions such as whether you can repay before time, what happens if you cannot repay on the due date, whether you can cancel the loan, and such others.

Read this document closely. You are ready to proceed if everything seems good to you. Next, you must sign online. Provide your name. There will also be a security question like for instance, your mom’s maiden name. Email it back to the provider, and you are through with all the formalities.

Your loan is approved immediately, and the money is deposited to your bank account directly. The entire process is over in less than 24 hours. In case the lender asks you to FAX certain documents, please do that as soon as possible. Once you do, the loan will be approved.

That is how you can get a payday loan sitting at home. See how easy it is? This is the quickest and the most hassle-free way of solving immediate financial worries.

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Thank you for visiting our website. Hope we helped you get a loan.
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