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How to Get a Second Payday Loan If You Need More Cash?

If you need a first/second payday loan please fill this online form. We will try to connect you with a lender instantly.

Frankly speaking chances of getting a second payday loan before paying off the first one is low but not impossible. However there are ways that can help you get another payday loan even if you already have one.

Payday loans are very high interest rate short-term loans and therefore you are advised to pay them back as soon as you have the cash. Taking a second payday loan is not advisable until you payback your first loan.

But there can be exceptions to every rule and if you really need a second payday loan, here we have written a few ideas that can help you to get a second loan.

You can apply your second payday loan with us. This online payday loan application works both on a mobile or laptop/desktop. You can get up to $1000 or more. We offer great benefits: Instant Approval – Better Rates – Secured and Confidential Application – 100% Registered & Licensed Lenders – Easy Repayment Terms. Apply using the form below:

It is a more variable product, providing consumers with short or long term loans, offering varying loan amounts starting from $100. It can be repaid on a monthly or bimonthly basis over time. Thank you for your application.

Most lenders will give you the same advice as written above if you apply for a second payday loan. Let’s make things very clear. Lenders have ways to know if you already have a loan therefore it makes no sense hiding the truth; they will know anyway and reject your loan.

So the question remains. How do you get a second payday loan to make some extra cash?

Let’s reverse the question. Why do you need a second payday loan?

There can be two reasons:

1.    You need extra cash for the emergency situation as the first loan may not fulfill the required criteria, and

2.    You don’t have cash to payback the first loan, so you need a second payday loan to payback the first.

Let’s look at the first reason:

You requirement is $1000 but you were approved for $500 only. So now you need $500 more to get over your temporary cash problem.

Make it very clear. Even if you apply in hundreds of payday loan websites, your loan will get rejected as the lenders will find out you already have a loan. Don’t waste your precious time trying out and filling numerous forms. You are going nowhere.

There is only one person who can help you here. The lender who has already given you a loan. Only this lender can help you get another loan.

How do you get another loan from him? Check your phone and documents and get his phone number. Have a talk with him. Explain your situation in a nice way. Build faith. Be sincere in your talk. Tell him it will be great if he can help you. Remember he is the only person who can help you. We are humans and we understand each other problems. If your lender thinks you really need some more cash they might just give you another loan.

He already has your details. You need not fill the application again. But if they ask you to do so, fill the loan form again.

You might even try filling the same form again after your first loan is approved without having a talk with your lender. They just might give you a second loan. However they will certainly call before offering you a second loan.

Now to the second situation:

You don’t have cash to payback your first loan. In that case read your terms. There it will be clearly mentioned what to do in the event you don’t have cash to payback the first loan.

You may need to tell about your situation immediately to your lender. He is in the better place to take the correct action. They might give you an extension, or ask you to pay a part of the loan. They might even rollover the loan (give another loan to payback the first).

Remember rollovers are costly as you may have to pay double the finance fees. Two fees for the two loans you have taken. It’s therefore advisable to avoid rolling over payday loans.

Three or more rollovers can take your finances deep down in debt. It may take years for you to come back from that situation.

Remember the above while taking a second payday loan.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hope we helped you get a loan.
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  • keisha williams

    Need cash for Christmas and to help pay back my first loan

  • gary henderson

    I had a loan for 650 but it wasn’t enough its really serious

    • loans

      Gary the problem is its your lender who decides how much you deserve as a loan. We cannot force them to pay more but you can call them later and ask them to offer you more loan for whatever reasons. Please explain them your situation as to why you need more money. Also assure them that you will pay back the loan on time. There is a possibility that they will give you more loan. Thanks.

  • Shirel Gilbert

    Hi, I really need a second loan so I can pay off the first one.
    Also, so I can get some food for my family because we are REALLY STRUGGLING RIGHT NOW. So please let me receive a second loan.

    • loans

      Shirel we understand your situation please apply for your second loan but it depends on our lenders I will personally ask them to approve you.

  • Shirel Gilbert

    I need money to payback my first loan and to buy food for my family.

    • loans

      Shirel we have already relied to your question. Now please apply for the loan online. Thanks.

  • Shonta jones

    Would someone please give me a second chance i really need the money back so that i can get caught up on my rent an pay back my first pay day laon please help me out this hole please

    • loans

      Shonta, you can apply for your second loan with us. Our lenders may give you a second payday loan.

  • richard Day


  • Don't hardin

    I need it to fix my car before I loose my job

    • loans

      Then apply for a loan with us our lenders will check your status and try to help.

  • Justyne O

    Im trying to take out another loan. I have no money to pay off my first loan. I can even get my 9 months old diapers , milk, or wipes or to even pay my car note. I really need help

    • loans

      Justyne please apply our lenders may try to help you. Thanks.

  • kee

    I have an open loan but i need another one to pay the first loan back and to pay my bills

    • loans

      Kee then apply for a second payday loan in this page itself, as you can see there is an online form to apply for a second payday loan please apply online. We will see if your loan can be approved.

  • Simone

    I need another second payday loan tried. It is good you are helping others out. Thanks. The first loan is there anyway, can I get a second loan?

    • loans

      Simone it looks like you have already applied for a second payday loan with us. If not please do it the application is free and in this page only. We will approve you as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • Sylendria


    • loans

      Sylendria it is really sad to know your situation. We promise can do whatever we can to help you. I will personally inform all our lenders to take your case as a priority. Please apply for a loan as soon as possible to save your family from financial troubles. We will then try to approve your loan. Apply now.

  • elena lopaz

    I just got the loan from you within two days.

    • loans

      Great. Have a great day. 🙂

  • brenda

    Why am i being declined for payday loans wen i just payed 3 off the past couple days?? All 3 were paid in full with good faith and on time….i even got as credit from one of them for paying it off earlier. But i cant reapply with these 3 companies until 15 days have elapsed from the pay off. Im trying for just one low amt payday Loan and everywhere these past two days i am being declined. Why????

    • loans

      Brenda we will certainly look into your case. I will forward your application to some more brokers in your area. We will try our best please be rest assured.

  • Camela

    I really need a second loan to help with some bills

  • Moises

    I have a loan already I paid 2 month and my wife was in the hospital so I couldn’t pay the rest and now I have a baby that 2 month and I barley have any work right now I need to get her diaper wipes and food for my family. I’m struggling right now can you guys please please help me get some help

    • Moises really sad to know your problems. Can you please apply and I will personally look into your application. I am from the customer care department but we will surly follow up your application. Please apply in the form above and I will look into it.

  • Jay

    I owe $500 from a cash advance that I received years ago. That balance is still outstanding. I need $250 to to handle some personal medical issues. Is it worth the time applying? Is there a possibility of me being approved for a 1 time loan?

    • Jay we do not understand why you did not pay back the loan you took on time. You say years ago still outstanding. Please refrain from such practices. Did you pay anything back to that lender or you paid nothing. Please respond we can look into the matter since it is a medical issue we will try to give you a loan.

  • Nicole Evans

    I need a loan literally just had to liquidate my bank account today to put breaks on my vehicle that were metal to metal grinding as well as pay fees due to two hrs later my vehicle got towed. On top of all that rent,car insurance and 3 other bills are all due next week.

    • Nicole God, you wrote exactly what we do not want to hear. This is really a messed up situation. Please first learn to manage your finances and try to live below your means. We are willing to help. Apply for a loan in our online loan application here correctly, and submit all documents as asked by our lenders. They will approve your loan fast. We will personally look into your matter.

  • Tamiko Law

    Really in the need for a second loan trying to pay my bills and rent and feed my family I’m in a rough spot right now

    • Tamiko apply for a payday loan online in the site. Please scroll up this page, you will see an online form. Apply correctly and our lenders will make sure if everything is fine we will approve your loan.

  • Retta yawn

    How can my family get a second loan if we already have one…my fiance has a open loan he lost his job due to the company closing before he could pay it back…he is back to work but we need a little help until pay day comes any help????

  • Timothy

    What if i already have three lons, can i get another with you?

  • Candace

    I really need a loan, I am behind on my rent and I have a 5 year old daughter. I am a single mother, who works. I have not received any child support that I am supposed to be getting. I am behind on bills and my car is breaking down. I have a loan out with another payday loan company ( in store ) I paid it back on time last week, however I was only approved for 100$ then last week after I paid it, it went up 50$. I owe that loan back today, and I am going to see how much it will go up again to re loan, I don’t think it will be nearly enough for my rent. I don’t know what to do.. please help, if can.. thank you.

    • Candace do not worry we keep getting such requests. We cant promise, a lot of things depends on our lender. All we can say is just apply with us, we can try our best.

      • Candace

        Thank you for such a quick response, or a response at all in fact.. however, I already applied and I was denied… I went and paid my loan at another loan company on my lunch break, and I was approved for 200$- so only 50$ more. I am behind about 400$ which is the loan amount I would be requiring for… is there any way to work around this? I have direct deposit in my citizens bank account from work and I am paid every other Friday. I cant be evicted, my daughter is 5 years old and is in kindergarten.

        • Sorry for the late reply I was on leave. Sorry to hear that you were not approved. Please understand that our lenders follow strict laws of their state. They cannot, even if they want to, approve a loan, if our risk management team does not approve an applicant for a loan. Sorry but we have to follow government laws, there is no alternative. Hope you understand our problem.

  • maria sokolowski

    I have a outstanding loan and am in need of 300 to pay off funeral expenses. I keep getting denied help

    • Maria we can try to help. 300 is not a big amount, our lenders may help. Please fill the form quickly for a loan in our site we will try to approve your loan quickly. Thanks.

  • Dalton James Rostetter

    Hey guys, me and my girlfriend would like to try for a second loan to help us pay our first from another lender a while back and to keep us afloat untill we both land jobs. Weve been moving back and forth for some time now and couldnt keep jobs for too long due to it. Where were living now is permenant so were stepping it up and trying to get our financial freedom back. If approved for this second loan we would be extremely greatfull and would be on a schedule to pay you back. Sincerely, Dalton Rostetter and Patti Mansi !

    • Dalton we will try to help you certainly. Fill the payday loan application form in our site correctly then leave it to us, we will try to get it approved fast. Of course you need to have a job, if you have do not worry the loan will be approved.

  • Cindi Revill

    I had taken out an installment loan to relocate, but then my supervisor forgot to approve time cards and it will be up to 3 weeks before I get paid again and rent is due. I really need this loan to pay rent etc… I’ve tried other places have been turned down. I just need this until I get paid.

    • Cindi all I can say that we can try our best. Please fill the loan application form in our website and rest leave it to us. We will try our best to give you a loan.

  • Ariel Williams

    I really this second loan to put food in my house nd pay my rent

  • Markeisha Latimore

    Can someone please help me please. I’m about to lose my car and I just got a another job that I start on Monday. I fell short on some payments because I to have a operation to remove 3 cysts on my ovaries that were cancerous. Please please help me.

  • Samantha Brown

    Hi I not sure I try find good loan with bad credit. So I need borrow loan for my car fix I can’t afford that money little a lot I haven’t use my car in 2 months I don’t want lost my car and I can’t afford lost my car because it my favorite car! Can you help me?

  • crystal

    we are trying to get a second small loan to get a marriage certificate should we even apply for it here

  • crystal

    we are trying to get a small loan to get a marriage license

  • Felicia Reagh

    I have a loan already but don’t have money to pay it and I was boring a friends car cause mine broke and they took their car back so I need a loan to get a car

    • Felicia please fill the loan application form correctly in our site. Once done we will make sure you get a loan fast if everything is found ok in your application.

  • Sarah A Mason

    I have an installment loan with fifth third bank which I do pay monthly. I am looking to get a second cash loan for help this month with bills food and child care for my children while out of school for summer break but can’t seam to find anywhere to help me because I already have an Installment loan out. Please help me. I pay my loan on time each month. I will another also. Please help

  • Joe donohoo

    If I just paid for my payday loan and have to wait 24 hours to reapply, can I get a loan from another lender?

  • Rebekah Hill

    I work full time and get paid weekly.

  • Jo

    I owe one more payment on a loan I got off line never was late paying just need a second loan to get my car fix now and not next week

  • Mary Cynthia Amodu

    Pls I have paid off my loan,wanted to apply but was told am not eligible. I want to know why pls.thanks

  • Larnale Chambers

    Hi I need help ASAP. I’m in a situation where I’m about too get evicted. Can I apply here. I need help as soon as possible

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