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Why a Short-Term Loan is Better

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Read why a short term loan is better sometimes when you only need a small amount of money to take care of a small problem in life.

A loan or debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Think of all those things you can achieve in life if you had just a few dollars more – all those small happiness’s, little delights. You might have to wait for many years if you don’t take the loan. Why wait? You know you are going to pay it back anyway. Then there can be emergencies for which you might suddenly have the need for some extra cash.

So don’t worry about debt. Ask for the extra money you want. Just make sure that you have a stable job and a regular source of income. There is nothing to worry if you do.

The world moves on debt. Countries take loans, businesses ask for debt to finance projects. So why you should you and me worry needlessly?

What Type of Loan Should You Take

There are two types of debt: short-term, and long-term. Which is the better option?

Long-term debts are mainly for big investments such as a home mortgage. For most other requirements, people usually go for short-term debt.

Long-term debt is way too risky because you never know what is going to happen in say 10 years time. You can lose your job, the economy may go into depression, you might have to relocate to another city, the value of your home could suddenly go down, like what happened with the housing market collapse a few years back. There are simply too many variables that may not work in your favor. What seems convenient now may turn into a difficult situation.

Long-Term Loans Are Very Stressful

Most people don’t like to languish in debt for the better part of their lives. You could end up spending 15, 20, and even 30 years of your life paying back the loan. With long-term loans, the interest you pay may end up being more than the amount you borrowed. The loan will certainly cause you stress. You will have to cut corners, make adjustments for years so that you can pay back.

The better bet is to take short-term loans to solve sudden financial emergencies and fulfill all those desires of your life. It’s just for a short time so the risk is far less. The amount of money you borrow is also less, so you are in better control.

Payday Loans – The Best Short-Term Loan

A payday loan is probably the best short-term loan you can get. It is issued against the money receivable after your next pay day. It’s just for a few hundred dollars and for a few days, a couple of weeks maximum. You know you are going to get your paycheck and can pay off the loan quickly. What can happen in a couple of weeks?

Payday loans are short-term unsecured loans. They are often referred to as payday cash advance as well. Thousands of people take these loans in the United States. It is risk free. It is a valuable source of funding for people who need money urgently.

Advantages of Short-Term Debt

Here are a few reasons why short-term loans like the payday cash advance are better.

  • No Collateral – The amount you get with short-term debt such as payday loans is less, and so there is no collateral as well. That is a huge relief for a lot of people. In fact, a large section of the population isn’t even capable of putting up collateral. It is risky too. If you have to put up an item as collateral, then you are at a risk of losing it, if you fail to repay the loan for some reason. There is always collateral in long-term debts. With short-term loans on the other hand, you will have the money without risking your assets.
  • Quick Money – Long-term debt is time consuming. They will take time going through your application and processing it. Then they will let you know whether your request is approved or denied. That can take several weeks. So what do you do if you need the money quickly because of a sudden emergency? Can you afford to wait? Probably not! A short-term loan, such as a payday loan, is almost immediate. The processing and approval time is a maximum of 72 hours or three working days. This is naturally the more practical solution.
  • Credit Check – Payday lenders don’t carry out traditional credit checks of the applicants. Traditional credit check methods takes time. They have their own systems in place to check your history of payday loans only. So, your request is approved even if you have poor to average credit score. That’s a huge relief to those who don’t have perfect credit. Payday loan is practically the only option for them, as no other lender would give them the credit they need. Ironically, if you have perfect credit standing, chances are, you won’t need credit in the first place.
  • No Long Term Commitment – When you take a long-term loan, you will be in debt for several years. You have to make the commitment of paying back every month. Your monthly income goes down drastically, as your top priority is always to pay back the month’s due before doing everything else. Anything that is left is yours. This can be very scary. Many people are not comfortable with this, and rightly so. With a payday loan on the other hand, it’s just a matter of a few weeks. So you can make the compromises if you have to. It’s doable. A short-term loan is thus the more practical option.

    Another Reason Why the Payday Loan is Useful

    The amount you borrow in a payday loan is low. It is usually less than $1000. Most debtors don’t have a problem with repaying the loan after the next payday. According to our database almost all who have a job repaid their loan on time. But if for some reason you are unable to pay it back, then you can always ask for the “Extended Payment Plan”. In that case please call your lender and ask for an “Extended Payment Plan”. If the lending agency is a member of the CFSA (Community Financial Services Association of America), they cannot force you to repay.

    You will get time till the next four paydays to repay the amount due. And in this time, no extra fees can also be charged. But make sure that the credit issuing company is a member of the CFSA. That will keep you safe. Always look for the blue oval CFSA logo in their website or at their physical office before doing business.

    To conclude:

    Short-term debt is indeed the better option, for several reasons. And a payday loan is the best short-term loan you can get.

    Thank you for visiting our website. Hope we helped you get a loan.
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