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Why Has 100 Day Loans Become Very Popular?

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Everyone needs money. And moreover the recent recession and the current tough economic times have created a credit crunch. There is less cash in the system and therefore people resort to short-term cash to meet their day to day expenses.

As you know a short-term loan is a loan that is given for a very short term, say for 15 days or less and millions of people in the US apply to get a payday loan a.k.a short-term loan. It is another story that not many of them get approved. We leave it to that.

However those who get approved want to keep the cash for as long as possible. 100 day loans provides (or at least promises to provide) exactly that.

According to a search engine keyword search tool “100 day loans” is searched for more than 12000 times in a month. That’s almost 400 times in a day and 144,000 times in a year. And this number is set to rise. This speaks the popularity of this site among the general population of payday loan seekers in the USA.

Now we discuss why this site has become very popular in such a short span of time.

A little bit of history: 100dayloans.com was launched in 08-25-2009. Its not even 3 years and the popularity of this website has gone up from nowhere to 12000 searches in a month. That’s a massive achievement.

This was possible because of one plain simple reason. It promises to give a loan to almost everyone who applies and gives a lot of time to payback the loan. Frankly, it is not correct to say that they will let you keep the cash for 100 days. However you can rollover, but be prepared to pay the rollover fee.

Should you apply for a payday loan from them? Yes if you really need a loan. Why not – after all they have a better approval rate than many other payday loan companies. But if you get approved please remember this. It’s not a good idea to keep the loan for 100 days, you may end up paying a huge fee. Try paying back the loan in time. Don’t go for any extension/rollover.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hope we helped you get a loan.
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